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To see your data usage, text USAGE to 611611 or enter the information below.

Enter your device phone number or serial number

Tips on how to find your IMEI,MEID, or Serial Number:

  • iPhone: Go to "Settings" > "General" > "About."

  • Android: Go to "Settings" [or Settings > System] > "About Device" (or "About Phone") > "Status." (On some models, select "IMEI information" from the Status menu.)

  • Basicphone: Go to "Menu" > "Prepaid" > "Serial Number."

  • Hotspot: You can find the Serial Number printed on a label located on the outside of the device or inside the battery compartment.

  • For most phones: Remove the back cover and look for IMEI, MEID, or Serial number. On some models, you will need to remove the battery.

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