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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. 911 calls

A. Your Wireless Business Line unit includes an embedded GPS chipset that transmits its location. Since the unit is designed for indoor use, please be prepared to provide your physical address to public service personnel in an emergency call to 911. For optimal GPS signal strength, your Wireless Business Line device should be located near a window or other opening at all times.

Q. Can I use my Wireless Business Line with more than one phone number?

A. No, each Wireless Business Line unit is assigned a unique phone number. You may choose to transfer your current phone number or be assigned a new one. All telephones connected to the device (corded or cordless) share the same phone number.

Q. Why does my Wireless Business Line device have a USB Port?

A. The USB port is for diagnostic purposes only.  DO NOT insert any USB devices into the port, as this can damage the device and void the warranty.

Q. What’s in the Wireless Business Line box?

A. Wireless Business Line unit, Rechargeable battery, AC adapter, Antenna, Services Guide and Activation Card.

Q. Is the Wireless Business Line compatible with my home security system?

A. The Wireless Business Line may not be compatible with certain home security systems. Please check with your system provider to ask about the compatibility requirement.

Q. Can I use a fax machine with my Wireless Business Line service?

A. Wireless Business Line is not compatible with data services such as: fax machines, DVR services, credit card machines, medical alert services, or some home security systems.

Q. What kind of telephone do I need for the Wireless Business Line?

A. The Wireless Business Line is a device that allows you to use your existing corded or cordless telephones—just plug your corded phone or cordless base unit into the Home Phone unit. No PC, High-Speed Internet or Landline is required because calls you make or receive are transmitted wirelessly. The Wireless Business Line is compatible with most corded and cordless phones, excluding rotary or pulse devices.

Q. What should I do if I move to another city and need to change to a new local number?

A. Please call our Customer Care Center at 1-844-44-CLEAR  or  1-844-442-5327 to change your phone number. You can take the Wireless Business Line device to your new residence and get a local phone number when you are ready to change it. Please note that the new area must be within network coverage. 

Q. Where can I find my Wireless Business Line’s Serial Number?

A. The Serial Number is located on the front of the red Activation Card. It can also be found on the bottom of the device next to MEID DEC.

Q. Where can I buy a Wireless Business Line device?

A. Wireless Business Line is available online at

Q. How do I know my Wireless Business Line Number?

A. To hear your phone number, simply call 1-855-343-CALL (1-855-343-2255). You can call at any time to hear your phone number. Please note that you may choose to keep an existing phone number or be assigned a new one upon service activation.

Q. Where should I place my Wireless Business Line device?

A. The device should be placed near a window or opening for optimal signal. The signal indicators on the unit help you select a good location inside your premises.

Q. Will the SIM card be hard to install?

A. Installation is different from phone to phone, but in most cases, it is simple, user-friendly and intuitive.

Q. Can we provide our own phones?

A. Clearway can support user-provided phones from all major manufacturers.

Q. How do I know which SIM card to purchase?

A. Phones purchased from Clearway come with a SIM card. If you are going to use your own phones, Clearway will help you determine which SIM card you will need to purchase to make sure that your phones run on the Clearway network.

Q. How will I know which plan to purchase?

A. Clearway plans are designed to be flexible and responsive to the needs of small businesses. Plans are adjustable and scalable on a monthly basis.

Q. What if my monthly needs change?

A. Clearway plans can be increased or reduced based on need, to respond to the natural peaks and valleys of most businesses.

Q. Which phones do you carry?

A. Clearway sells a variety of phones from all major manufacturers.

Still have questions?

Our Customer Care Center representatives are ready to help. Give us a call at 1-844-44-CLEAR or email us from the Contact Page.