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Wireless Failover Services

How do I activate my Clearway Digi EX15?

You will go to and access your account by clicking on “Sign In”. You must have an account as purchase of a Digi EX15 requires the opening of a business account. Once in “My Account”, go to “My Devices & Plans” on the left hand side options.

A. Once in “My Devices & Plans”, you should see your device under “Device Details” device list (you can search by the devices IMEI). You should be able to see your device and in the column “Device Status”, you’ll see a prompt to “Activate”. Enter the information requested in the form and click “Continue”. Once the system processes your request, you should see a screen indicating that your device was successfully activated.

B. If you do not see your device listed in the “Device Details” list, click on the button that reads: “ADD NEW DEVICE”. Click on this button and enter the information requested in the form. It should ask you for an IMEI, this number is found on the bottom of your Digi 1002-CM CORE Modem. Click “CONTINUE” (note: your device, although fully configured and ready-to-go, still needs to be activated so that your plan can officially start). You should now see the device as described in the paragraph above (A.). Follow directions there.

You should now be ready to use your new Digi EX15.

Can I connect my Clearway Digi EX15 to my devices via Wi-fi?

No. The Clearway Digi EX15 is not able to connect directly via Wi-fi to your devices. To have the signal from your Clearway Digi EX15 broadcast via Wi-fi, you will need to connect it to a wireless router and have that device be the device that transmits the signal wirelessly.

Consequently, you will use the 2/WAN ethernet cable outlet to stream data to said router above.

I can’t find a strong cellular signal, what steps can I take to fix this?

If you are unable to verify a location with a strong cellular signal:

  • Verify your SIM has been activated with Clearway.
  • If you do not get a cellular signal when the EX15 is located indoors, then take the device outdoors to verify that you have coverage in your location.
  • If the outdoor cellular signal strength is less than 2 bars, it may be necessary to connect using a different cellular network operator. This requires an activated SIM from the alternate cellular network operator.
  • Try the device/antennas in different orientations and away from other nearby electronic
    equipment at each test location.
    • Note: LTE requires the use of both antennas, and the antennas will usually give better performance when vertical.
  • Refer to Device status LEDs to use the EX15 indicator lights to aid in diagnosis.
How do I change my settings and manage my device?
  1. On the PC connected to the EX15, open a browser and go to
  2. Log into the EX15: User name: Use the default user name: admin. Password: Use the unique password printed on the bottom label of the device (or the printed label included in the package).

Note: If your device was manufactured prior to the release of firmware version 19.11.x, the default user name may be root.

How do I configure my APN?

Once you are logged into the device UI page, select “System” from the top menu options and click on “Device Configuration” link.

Once there, check the “APN List Only” box. Click on the APN list drop down triangle and it will bring down an APN field. Click “Add APN” and enter your APN: TRACFONE.VZWENTP

You will be prompted to input the admin password to successfully save your APN to the list. Click on apply at the top right of the page. You should see your APN under APN list heading. You can drag and drop as you please to prioritize your APN settings. If prompted, enter requested credentials and click on “Apply” at the top right of the screen.

How do I setup my Clearway Digi EX15?

We have a Quick Start Guide that can help you with that:
    1. Remove modem module from white box.
    2. In SIM slot # 1 you will see your activated SIM provided by Clearway.
    3. Make sure you note the device’s IMEI number, as you will need it for activation. There should also be a sticker included with this number as well, which you should adhere to the bottom of your Digi EX15 for future reference.
    4. With the SIM in place, insert the Core Modem into the EX15 case by aligning the white clip. Insert the modem by pushing the white clip until you hear a click, locking the modem firmly in place.
    5. Cover the installed CORE Modem with the Cover Plate. You’ll hear a click when done correctly.
    6. Screw antennas on until hand tight.
    7. Use an Ethernet Cable to connect the EX15 1/PoE port to your PC.
    8. Connect to Power Supply Unit
    9. Verify that the signal strength indicator on the front of the EX15 shows at least 2 bars and that the LTE LED on the front of the EX15 shows either green of blue (solid or flashing) for optimal operation.

Note: Device initialization may take 30-60 seconds.

Is there an ideal way to install and point the two antennas that attach to my device?

Yes. Try the device/antennas in different orientations and away from other nearby electronic equipment at each test location. Be aware that achieving LTE signal requires the use of both antennas and that they give best signal when vertical. If issues arise, consult with the Site Survey Troubleshooting.

What parts come in my Clearway Digi EX15 package?
  1. The EX15 Unit
  2. The Digi 1002-CM CORE Modem
  3. Two (2) cellular antennas
  4. A Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  5. One (1) temporary battery pack
  6. Two (2) ethernet cables: one 18” long and the other 13' long.
  7. Modem cover plate
  8. Passive PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) injector
  9. Mounting Bracket
  10. Unit Anchor screws
  11. Ceiling Rail Clips
  12. Two (2) screws
  13. Two (2) drywall anchors
  14. Two (2) zipties
I see there are two SIM card slots on my Digi 1002-CM CORE Modem. Which slot should I use?

Your Clearway Digi EX15 is capable of receiving service from two separate SIMs. When you purchased your Digi EX15 from Clearway, we automatically inserted a ready-to-use SIM card into your device’s 1st slot and set you up so that all you have to do is sign in to your business account upon receipt of your package. Once signed in to your business account, you only need to activate your device and go through the Quick Start Guide to get your device working.

You can also get an additional SIM at Clearway in order to have both SIMs working, granting your business greater connectivity security.


Why does My Digi EX15 come with a battery pack?

The battery pack is to be plugged into the 18V DC power input and is intended to provide electricity while the Installer searches for a location within the intended device dwelling where signal strength is strongest. Once an ideal location is found, disconnect the battery pack and proceed to connecting the DC Power Supply Unit, or to the PoE jack.

Will I be notified if my service is about to expire?

If you are enrolled in auto-refill, you don’t have to worry about this. Once your 1GB allotment is depleted, your registered payment method will be charged automatically. If you purchased the Yearly plan, your plan auto-renews for up to a year. If you purchased the 30 day plan, you will have to renew manually renew every month.

Still have questions?

Our Customer Care Center representatives are ready to help. Give us a call at 1-844-44-CLEAR or email us from the Contact Page.